…and I’ve barely done any shopping! I’m starting to feel the holiday crunch, so what do I do? SCRAPBOOK! Haha 

I’m definitely of the “more is more” school of thought when it comes to embellishments, as you can see above! This layout seriously took 3 hours for me to complete – when did I become so meticulous?! Haha! It also has hidden journaling, as evidenced by the “pull me” sign about the left photo.

Here’s one I did a few weeks back. I have been searching and searching through all the files and folders on my hard-drive wondering, where the heck did I save that photo?? It probably would have been wiser just to re-photograph the damn thing, but alas I found it and here it is! I need to start labeling my picture folders with titles that actually make sense of the contents inside, as opposed to “ABC” and “123.” HA! (Sidenote: although it says 23 things I love, I only listed 22! Haha… not quite sure how I missed that!)

Hope your week is going well! Mine is off to a bit of a frenetic start, but frenetic for many wonderful reasons that I will share at a later date!

2 Responses to “12 Days til Christmas…”

  1. Gen

    OMG!!!! You’re on Ali’s Blog!!!! You are so freaking AWESOME! I love these layouts especialy the second one! Soooooo cute!!! I love you…thanks for the xmas card!! 🙂


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