“I have enjoyed life more by saying yes than by saying no” -Richard Branson

Went on my very first all-expenses-paid business trip across Southern California! It truly felt more like a paid vacation – I loved every minute of it!

Witnessed three glorious rainbows.

Experienced torrential downpours that made driving down the freeway feel like going through a carwash. Totally loved it.

Savoring every storm that comes our way.

Playing with my new papers and little bits and pieces of scrapbooking goodness that I picked up along my travels. Feeling very inspired these days.

Ate a fabulous slice of 6-layer red velvet birthday cake. So good…

Sad to see our beloved Conan go. So glad we got to see two live tapings of his show last summer.

Squeezed in a little trip to Disneyland yesterday. Of course.

Thrilled to have snow-capped mountains again! Such an awe-inspiring sight, every single day.

Working on becoming more of a morning person.

Dreaming of spontaneous weekend getaways.

Catching up on past episodes of all the favorites. Real Housewives, Jimmy Fallon, Project Runway, The Office, Biggest Loser…and quite honestly, I’m not much of a TV watcher! Ha!

Focusing on what makes me happy. And then doing it! (Highly recommended)

Looking forward to Valentine’s Day. No plans yet, but any day revolving around paper and hearts and candy is a good day.

Remembering how much I love Corner Bakery.

Taking advantage of these crisp days to go on fabulous walks or runs. Whatever suits my fancy at the moment.

Grateful to be working, healthy, inspired and surrounded by good people. Life is good.

One Response to “And so it goes…”

  1. hEATHER Mason

    yay!! Ann, I’m so glad you had fun on your business trip. SOunds awesome. That was a very cheerful post. See you on Sat!


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