Yesterday was a fabulously rainy day here in Southern CA. I spent the morning reading blogs and then suddenly had an urge to shop for new scrap supplies! So, being the always eager shopper that I am, I hopped in the car and drove to the nearest scrapbook store (Treasured Memories), which isn’t exactly near being that is in Oak Park, but a.) I love driving, b.) I love driving in the rain, c.) I love driving through beautiful Oak Park, and d.) this girl knows no limits when it comes to refreshing her scrapbooking supplies (obviously)!

One hour and $23 later, I walked out feeling victorious and inspired to start some new projects! Yesterday was one of those days when I had no qualms whatsoever about dropping cash. Does that ever happen to you? There are days when I will absolutely agonize over whether or not I really need some item for $1.39, because lord knows when that $1.39 will be of need! Then there are days like yesterday where I feel no remorse about swiping my card. Heck, I just might pick up the tab for everyone in line because I am feeling so light and free with my funds! Why does this happen??? It is truly a mystery, I guess…

Yesterday was also the 23rd birthday of a very dear friend of mine – Miss Christina! We took advantage of Taco Tuesday and had a lively and yummy dinner with old friends to celebrate her big day! So fun. As the hilarious card at Paper Source says, It’s better to be a year older than a month late! Hahah!

As for today, my Jakey-boy is staring at me,  just willing me to take him for a walk. But I’m holding off because there is a giant truck at the bottom of the street that is devouring tree branches with such gusto and screechiness, I have no doubt we will get halfway down the hill before he gets one look at it and sprints back towards home! What this dog lacks in gumption, he makes up tenfold in love and affection, so we keep him around nonetheless;)