The action on the scrap front is at a standstill right now. I’m just waiting for the inspiration to come back my way (but I have a feeling a certain project is going to rev it up. *See below). Here is my latest layout. All I can say is Hello rub-ons! My favorite thing is the whole world at the moment! Let me see…7 on this page alone? Ha!

*Speaking of things to rev up my mojo, Gen and Cherie and I are going to get our weekly challenges back in full swing! Yes! So psyched to see what they have up their sleeves! Which brings me to my challenge for the week (anyone can feel free to play along!):

Scrap Your Most Played Song/Favorite Song/Etc: I know that when I love a song, I love a song. In fact, I love it to the brink of killing it. Incorporate your song in layout form. Take a screenshot of your iTunes playlist. Pair your favorite lyrics with a fitting photo. Anything you want! Ready, set, GO!

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