So I thought it would be fun to share what I am obsessed with as of late. The things that I reach for on every layout. The little details that make the biggest difference to me. Here goes:

Clear Buttons – The thing I love about these guys is that they add dimension without actually adding another color. This is works great for me since I prefer embellishment-heavy layouts and the color scheme can get thrown off if too many colors are incorporated. The best part about clear buttons is that they often are included as spare buttons on the clothes I buy – the fashion and scrapbooking worlds collide!

Rub Ons – These are sort of like the holy grail of scrap supplies for me at the moment. I LOVE using them. I love buying them. I love looking at them. I love everything about them. Except when the image starts transferring before I’m ready to commit. But even then, there is still love in my heart.

Punches – I rarely do a layout without having punched out at least one shape or border. They are perfect for adding visual texture without adding actual bulk. An excellent thing when my layouts tend to bulge about an inch off the paper, already.

Printing Photos via – OK, so maybe this isn’t the newest concept, but I LOVE when I get an idea for a layout in my head (especially if I’ve just returned from a fun event with a card full of images on my cam!) and I am able to hop on Photoshop, edit the photos exactly to my liking, and send them through Kodak Gallery for 1-hour processing at my local Target. Not only do I get an envelope full of new prints just waiting to be scrapped, but I get an excuse to swing by Target. Win-win, my friends.

Stamps – My love affair with stamps is nothing new. I have long been betrothed to stamps of all shapes and sized and messages and what-not. I find myself reaching for stamps on nearly every layout, whether it be a journaling block stamp or a tiny message stamp. My favorite as of late are the new ones from Studio Calico.

Vintage Ephemera – Now this is a fun supply from start to finish. I absolutely love searching for vintage items, whether it be at an antique shop (there are some seriously fabulous ones on Newport Ave in Ocean Beach that John and I used to frequent), at Paper Tales in Point Loma ( a real treasure trove of vintage findings!), or on Etsy, of course! My favorites include vintage tickets, bingo cards, pins, milk caps, measuring tapes!

So basically I just ran off the whole gamut of scrapbook supplies, but what can I say? I LOVE scrapbook supplies.

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