Yesterday, as I previously mentioned, I dropped off another huge order of hair accessories to Local Collection in Glendale. So of course, I brought along John to keep me company and appease me with photos (much to his dismay – ha!). After taking care of business matters, we walked over to the beautiful Americana at Brand, just across the way.

Look how happy he is to take a photo with me! Haha! But seriously, look how gorgeous the scenery is behind us! Whenever we go there, I instantly feel like we are on vacation – now that is what a shopping experience should feel like! City planners, take note!

I loved this quote on the window at American Eagle. True, true…

Above Americana are these amazing apartment/condominiums. I can only imagine how cool it would be to reside there!

Cozy sidewalk cafe seating – love that. Being that we had plans that night (sitting in front of the TV watching the Thursday night lineup on NBC, that is. We live life on the edge!), we had to hit the road and brave the traffic. But first I got a coffee from Peet’s (which, I have determined tastes exactly like coffee at Disneyland, just FYI) and took in the sights one more time. I love going to Glendale!

And of course, what glorious day is complete without a trip to Chipotle? In the wise words of Rachael Ray, yum-o.

Happy Friday everyone!

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