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Taking day trips across Southern California has the been THE thing to do these past few weeks! Starting with a trip to Disneyland with Andy and Ashley over their spring break, followed by a jaunt to Ventura for some shopping and ocean watching with John, wrapped up with an impromptu adventure to San Luis Obispo with Mom.  I LOVE to travel even if it’s just a few hours drive away. Even better if it’s just a few hours drive! Each time I go somewhere new, I envision myself living there, almost to the point of actually researching places to live! So far, I plan on living near all these aformentioned locations…I guess I better start saving! ha!

So my challenge for you is to get up and GO! Go somewhere you’ve never been. Go somewhere you’ve been a million times, but see it through new eyes this time. Try a new restaurant or coffee shop. Browse through an antique store. Take a random freeway exit and explore the area. Create a scavenger hunt and search the area for fun clues. Observe the landscape. Smell the flowers. Pretend like you are on vacation. Walk everywhere. Experience new things as often as you can and of course, take lots of photos!

One Response to “California Dreaming”

  1. Shay

    Don’t you just love Ventura? We’re moving down the street from the Ventura theater a mile from the beach. Glad you enjoyed your visit.


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