This weekend was full of interesting sights, sounds, flavors, and weather:

Local ducks splashing down (from the sound of it, I thought for certain they were cannon-balling) into our frigidly cold pool. Chilly, cloudy, rainy weather. Double movie weekend: “Valentines Day” at the $3 theater and “Up In the Air” at home – thought both were good in their own ways. Attempting some creative time, which lead to reorganizing. Ordering a new pair of running shoes in a hot pink hue – can’t wait to rock those bad boys! Filling my iPod with fun new tunes and podcasts. Unique twists of fate regarding tracking down a good copy of season one of “Gilmore Girls.” Enjoying this week’s SNL (hence the title of this post). Work, followed by a quick trip to Forever 21 where I scored the coolest fluorescent yellow tank for $5.80 (how I love F21 and their cheap prices always ending in .80!). Thoroughly enjoying the cowboys on “The Amazing Race” this season!

A cozy weekend, indeed.