Hi everyone!

I just spent all morning creating in my PJ’s while listening to videos on my iPod and then I went outside to get the mail and found my new running shoes sitting by the door!

Of course I immediately had to put them on and take a few victory laps around the house! They are just the inspiration I need to get to the gym after being cooped up in my room all morning!

And the motivation behind my A.M. scrap session would be this challenge from Cherie! I had SO much fun creating the subtle bicycle motif as the pattern for the pink paper:

All it took was some clear embossing powder, VersaMark ink, and my favorite new Paper Source stamp! I love the “pop” it creates without being too overwhelming. And that leads me to this week’s challenge:

Create a non-holiday layout using holiday-themed supplies! I know I have a ton of holiday supplies (especially Christmas and Valentine’s) that I seem to skip over during the non-holiday seasons of the year. So if nothing else, it will get me to use up all those beautiful papers and embellishments before next Christmas gets here and all the new lines come out! Ha!

P.S. My heart skipped a beat when I read on Ali’s blog today that next week starts the “Week In Your Life” series! Every year I am so enthralled with her work and photos and this year I am determined to do it myself. I’m playing with the idea of printing my photos on a smaller scale and creating a 12×12 for each day. How fun would that be? Eeeeeee! 🙂

2 Responses to “Thursday Round-Up”

  1. Sarah

    Love it! I squinted my eyes to read your narrative and was cracking up! The bee! and the flat tire! I miss you! I will be home for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekend, so let’s go for a ride!

  2. Cherie

    Oh I love the bikes!

    What a great challenge. I def have a TON of Christmas and Valentines paper. It’s so funny because I buy so much product since those are my two fave holidays but then hardly ever take pics to use with my cute stuff. I can’t wait to get started on it!


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