One day, while reading a back issue of CK, I became enthralled with an article featuring a list of 100 Creativity Starters. Although I had probably read this article about 50 times before, I was seeing it with new eyes this time. So…it got me thinking. What if I made my own “list” of creativity starters? How fun would that be to pull an idea at random and use that as my guide for whatever creative endeavor I felt like pursuing? And so it goes…

I wrote down a bunch of ideas on little scraps of paper and folded them up (to keep myself from cherry-picking. Yes, I have to guard myself from myself – ha!) The more I began to think about it, the more ideas kept popping up in my head! Which existentially confirms the validity of the process (Mrs. Cochran – that sentence is for you!): Once you get an idea going, the easier it is build on that idea with even greater ideas. I think I should have majored in Philosophy…

As you can see here, these starting points are seriously all over the map. They include ideas for titles, themes, color palettes, products to use, techniques to try, quotes, etc. Now my only problem is they are overflowing from my cute $0.99-greatest-shade-of-turquoise-my-eyes-have-ever-seen-on-ceramic  mug! Looks like there will be many a happy scrappy day in my near and not-so-near future – ha!

One Response to “Shaking Things Up”

  1. Jaymee

    Loved your shoutout to the Cochran. I miss that lady. But not as much as I miss you!!


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