“Unique New York!”

While shopping at the mall tonight with my mom, I was in color heaven to see this gorgeous color palette everywhere I turned!  The combination of jewel tones and fluorescent hues has been drawing me in for a long time now, as you can see by the unstoppable gravitational pull I feel for certain papers:

In fact, I am so excited that everything I buy from here on out, be it shirts, shoes, salad plates, coffee tables, sports utility vehicles, scrunchies (ha! how about NO), etc., will now match my scrapbook pages, that I can’t stop spewing Ron Burgundy quotes!

Because  -” by the beard of Zeus!”-what could possibly be better than that?

One Response to “The Human Torch Was Denied a Bank Loan”

  1. Heather Mason

    I don’t understand the title of this post. What are you talking about, the human torch?


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