This past weekend (which is now farther away than this coming weekend, how did that happen??), we spent some time in Provo Canyon. Dear God, this place is right out of a postcard. It’s seriously national park status, minus the national park title and admission fee and “Do Not Feed the Bears” signs.

Notice the sweatshirts? The temps are quickly dipping here and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Bring on the sweat attire!

This couple is acting out my dream! Rollerblading hand-in-hand through a forest! Too bad John would rather throw himself off the cliff than partake in this dream of mine.

Notice anything different?

In other news, I chopped off my hair after fantasizing about having short hair again, for oh, several months now. The desire came to a head last Friday when I absolutely, positively could not wait any longer. This is totally how I run my life. All on impulse. So far, so good!

3 Responses to “Labor Day Hiking”

  1. Janelle

    THE HAIR!!!! Omg I love it Ann-Marie! So cute. And these photos are seriously so gorgeous. Postcard-status for sure!

  2. sophie

    gorgeous pictures and great hair cut!! suits you!! i am so inot implusive haircuts too!! and i never regret it!! i saw your tutorial and gallery over at ELLe’s studio and loved them! great layouts!! very inspiring!!


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