my judgement is clouded and I actually start to feel a sort of longing for school.

Fall, in general, always feels like a fresh start and makes me wish I was sitting in a lecture hall taking notes (seriously, I LOVED lecture classes!). But living in Utah has really exaggerated my desire to still be in college, with it’s cool mountain air, gorgeous autumn leaves, and small-town charm. (Which is totally strange, considering the fact that I went to college in San Diego. Not exactly the picture of seasonal changes. Or the picture of scholastic excellence, to be quite frank.) But as I page through my photos of the mountains from this past weekend, I start to reminisce about all the things I miss (or miss the idea of)…

Decorating my dorm. Visiting Starbucks before my 8AM Art History class to get a bagel and coffee. Reading magazines in the library in the big comfy armchairs. Taking TurboKick classes every Tuesday at the gym (and having to wait in line an hour before it started to make sure I got in. Going to Fashion Valley after class on Fridays. That class was a hot commodity!). Perusing the outdoor sales at the bookstore between classes.

Reading the Daily Aztec each day and filling out the Sudoku puzzles. Picking up art supplies from Blick (both the on-campus and Little Italy stores). Exploring San Diego on the weekends (especially when John came to visit). Visiting Julian in the Fall. Listening to my crazy, insane roommates talk about their latest drinking/partying binges (which in the case of one particular roommate, landed her in a jail in TIJUANA. Hello, idiot.).

Scoring our cute Mission Valley apartment for our last two years of college. Going to Chipotle. Riding the trolley. Cancelled classes. All of my favorite classes (History of Television, Psychology, Photography, Sociology, Health, etc.). Sitting on a bench outside the Business building, overlooking all of Mission Valley. Enjoying seasonal treats from Starbucks every year. Reading “Lucky” Magazine in the fall during class.

Election Day 2008. Having a week off school during the San Diego Fires. Decorating our apartment. Perusing the two-story Mission Valley Target for hours on end. Balboa Park. Seaport Village. Little Italy. Playing frisbee on the grassy knolls in La Jolla. Antiquing on Newport Ave in Ocean Beach. Having family come visit and making a mini vacation out of it. And the best part of all…