Fall is full speed ahead here in Utah and I am loving every minute of it. There’s even snow on the tips of the mountains, which quite honestly, is just about the most exciting thing ever. Finally I get to experience REAL WEATHER, PEOPLE! None of that Southern California nonsense. See for yourself:

So… across the street from our apartment is a huge open field with cows and horses! Only recently have they been coming close to the fence to graze in the grass, so everyday we go over and visit them. I love farm animals.

Lots of baby cows to gush over.

Idyllic, no?

There’s one cow in particular that stares us down as we walk along the fence. He’s keeping tabs on us, no doubt about it. We joke that if we were to look out our window at any given moment, his eyes would still be locked on us. Don’t mess.

On a somewhat different note, last weekend I busted out this Halloween banner after seeing so many cute banners floating around the blog world.

A mix of Elle’s Studio, American Crafts, vintage book paper, and lots of punches. All in a day’s work.

And for good measure, here’s a giant inflatable Mormon Missionary man. Because nothing screams Happy Friday in Utah more than a giant inflatable Mormon Missionary man.

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