that I really do get to play with paper for a living.

These layouts were designed for the weekly scrapbook challenges that Sarah, Lindsey, and I put together for each other. I have to say, it’s one of the BEST parts about my job!

For this layout, Sarah challenged us to go outside and snap pics using only our phones. Then we went back inside the office and scrapped 6×6 layouts using our new photos. Talk about a great way to shake things up! And it was a gorgeous Fall day, so no complaints from me….

This layout was based upon a graphic, simple image of a milk ad that I used as a sketch. I loved how easy it came together once I knew what the foundation would be! (Sidenote: I never used to use sketches, but lately they have been quite the lifesaver! which sounds like the most dramatic statement ever! yeesh…).

For this layout, Lindsey challenged us to stick strictly to a blue/green/yellow color palette. I loved having a limited choice as to what papers and embellishments I could pick, as I tend to include every shade of the rainbow on nearly all of my layouts! And of course, it was a layout about Disneyland. Of course.

For this challenge, I asked everyone to create a Fall-inspired layout (which is no hard task, considering the fact that fall here in Utah is GORG!). Taking pictures of the colorful landscape here has practically become a second job for me (aside from discovering “Only in Utah” gems, that is). I hear it will be gone before I know it, so I keep snapping away like a crazed tourist!

Finally, this card was made for a video tutorial I put together, which (and I don’t know what possessed me to share this!) you can watch here:

One Response to “Proof…”

  1. sophie

    excellent ! love your work! i have just been to elle’s studio and you really rocked this month’s gallery!


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