The Cam Show. Love love love it.


The other day John spotted an HD Flip camera at Target for fifty percent off. We’re talking, originally priced at 200, now priced at 100. I’m about as stingy as they come, so there was no way in the glorious state of Utah that I was passing on that!

And as it turns out, I’m quite obsessed with it. (No surprise there.)

Fast forward to two days later, and all of a sudden we have two pups in our apartment (the abridged version: we went for a walk, spotted two adorable pups, they followed us home, so we put them up for the night, complete with lots of yummy food and treats and a cozy spot on John’s lap/the couch to sleep on, and now they are safe and sound at the Humane Society where I hope their owners/new owners with a good home will reclaim them ASAP.) Talk about perfect opportunity to bust out the Flip! (sidenote: excuse the living space in total disarray…we had to move things and cover things for our unexpected guests!)

I have to say, it totally broke my heart (we’re talking massive waterworks on my behalf) that we couldn’t keep them. They are such well-behaved, affectionate, obedient dogs who deserve a loving home with a big backyard and lots of kids to play with! But thanks to the Flip, we will always remember our pups for a day. (And cue the cheesy “Full House” learning moment music)