As it turns out, I’m a bit of an addict to visual inspiration sites. I realize they are all essentially the same thing with essentially all the same photos floating around, but that doesn’t seem to be much a deterrence to me, now does it?

Pinterest is totally my favorite (famous last words). The best part about it (and the part that sets it apart from all the others. That’s a whole lot of “parts.”) is the fact that you drag a “Pin It” bookmarklet into your toolbar and whenever you come across an awesome photo on the web, you simply click the button. It’s THAT EASY. There’s no need to save it to your hard drive and copy/paste the URL and all that fun stuff. You simply click the button and get on with your life. Boom.

Here are some recent faves that I added to my “pinboards.” See, even the name sounds cool!






Check me out, yo! (Janelle – are you on this site yet? It’s totally a Janelle site)

2 Responses to “Yet Another Obsession”

  1. Janelle G.

    ANN-MARIE!! I’m totally obsessed with Pinterest! I thought you had to be invited? I’m not cool enough!!! How do I get in. Help me. I love love love.


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