– I’m endlessly inspired by Shannon Leith’s photos. Seriously, I love the “everyday” feel of her work so much, I want to run home and grab my camera and take a photo of my messy workspace and my muddy shoes.

– Eventually I want to move to San Luis Obispo. I grew up visiting Pismo Beach a few times each year, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the area. The streets filled with antique shops, the Apple Farm, the sleepy-beach-town-meets-college-town vibe, I love it all. Ever since my mom and I took a day trip up there this past spring, I can’t get it out of my head.

– I also want to move back to San Diego. Which is, you know, just a smidge south of SLO.

– Where is the winter wonderland I have heard so much about? All the snow has melted! Come on Utah, I need snow for convincing Christmas cards!

– I’m going to miss John when he goes home next week, but am so happy that he gets to spend time with his family during the holidays. We love our families.

– I love going for icy cold walks at night around the local neighborhoods. I look like the Michelin man in my 15 layers and giant puffy jacket. John, of course, wears shorts and a cotton sweatshirt. He’s from Antarctica.

– I’ve got five cuts on my right hand. All craft-related. It’s a tough job, but someones’s gotta do it.

– I watched Genevieve’s Holiday Home last night and now want to entirely redo my whole apartment. Girl’s got skills.