I was able to score some last minute seats to Wednesday night’s Jazz vs Heat game, as an early Christmas gift for John. And quite honestly, I think I was more excited about it than he was!

As a result of spending lots of time with someone who eats, sleeps, breathes basketball, I’ve come to appreciate the game AND can even name some players without any hints! Impressive, I know. We were both super excited to see LeBron and Dwyane Wade!

You guys, Jazz fans are intense! And part of their intensity comes from their G-rated smack talk. I had to laugh out loud a few times at the “vulgar” comments I heard flying around: “You look DUMB, LeBron!” “Deron just made you look STUPID” “We’re going to kick your BUTT!” (Oh my…). But the highlight of the night was when a slightly obnoxious (but totally hilarious!) Heat fan in front of us was heckling the Jazz fans behind us and I heard the guy behind me mutter “your mother would not be proud of you.” WHAT?! That was your ultimate comeback? HAHAHAH! I decided Jazz fans are like Lakers fans. Minus the alcohol, foul language, and inclination to fight. Plus a strictly LDS following.

We had a great time and enjoyed seeing downtown SLC all lit up for the holidays. Must do it again soon!

P.S. Making videos is my new obsession. In case you haven’t noticed.

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