In California, we have fluoride and radioactive chemicals flowing through our water.  But here in Utah, creativity is the main ingredient. Seriously. On Friday we had yet another work party, and this time we all had to design a month for a collaborative calendar project. I was blown away by everyone’s month! I am completely inspired by their work and can’t wait for 2011 to begin so I can use it!

Friday night was all about putting together holiday cards. I decided to bust out my novice calligraphy skills (thanks to a lesson from this creative Utahn. See? It’s in the water!) and address each envelope using my India ink and pen. Good times and I managed to keep all the ink IN the bottle, not on the carpet. Win win.

And on a completely separate note, check out this sunrise from the other morning!

Utah kicks ass in the sun rising/setting department. I’ll give you that.

4 Responses to “Holiday Festivities”

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