…and how we weak Southern Californians are surviving. And by we, I mean I. John could live in an igloo in shorts and a t-shirt, no prob.

I’ve got way too many photos of me looking like a homeless person in Antarctica. Future coffee table book, perhaps?

Despite the fact that cold weather is a foreign concept to me, I have found it to be quite helpful in a variety of ways:

1. Since I’m going to wear a big coat over all my clothes anyways, it really doesn’t matter what I put on underneath. Pajama shirt? Check. Clashing colors? Check. Everything in my closet, all at the same time? Check!

2. I can go grocery shopping for perishables, leave them in the car for a week, and never once worry about them going bad!

3. Having a bad hair day? Throw on a beanie!

4. I no longer feel guilty about staying indoors all day. Or using up copious amounts of hot water. Or leaving the heater cranking 24/7 (my apologies, Al Gore).

5. After a hot, sweaty workout in the gym, going outside for less than 30 seconds = the equivalent of a cold shower!

6. Scraping ice off my car is a great arm workout! My right forearm should be ripped by Spring.

Rocking the mismatched attire. No one has to know the wiser!

See? It’s not so bad after all! *

*until my car gets stuck in the snow in the middle of a busy street and then I want to get the hell out of here.

2 Responses to “All about Cold Weather…”

  1. Danielle Merry

    I totally know what you mean about the cold weather. I live in Wisconsin and chuckled when I read the comment about the groceries because it’s so true 🙂 Your probably officially a member of Utah now!


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