This past weekend I was in LA for a work/play trip, having the time of my life. Who would have thought business trips could be so fun?

When we reached LA just before 8 am on Friday morning, we hit the ground running. First stop: Paige’s AMAZING place in Pasadena. And when I say amazing, I mean AMAZING. That girl’s got impeccable design (and hospitality!) skills. Thanks again, Paige!

After that, we headed to the Convention Center to pick up (or scoop, as Amy would say) Lindsay and off we went to Silver Lake for shopping and dining. So much fun. ReForm School was definitely a highlight.

Then we headed over to the LACMA, where I got a refresher course in art history (however, seeing art in person is a million times more inspiring than seeing it on a slide in a dimly lit classroom). It was also nice just walking the grounds with Lindsay and Clairice and enjoying the perfect weather in the California sunshine. Have I mentioned that I miss California?

Finally, my favorite part of the adventure…Venice! Amy was kind enough to play tour guide and show us around her cute little town. Shopping at Urbanic. Catching the sunset over the Pacific. Dinner at Lemonade. It felt like a total vacation.

Saturday was all about CHA! It was so cool to see everything that’s about to debut on the craft scene in person! I was completely overwhelmed, but in the best way possible. Plus, we got to hang out with Kelly and Paige, so no complaints there (:

And finally, the best part about going to LA for CHA was being able to spend the rest of the weekend at home with my family! It was so nice to squeeze in time with them and enjoy being at home, if only for a short while.

See you again soon, California!

3 Responses to “Work & Play”

  1. Kelly

    It was so nice to spend more time with you, glad you enjoyed your trip home! I think your next “Vacay” should be to NYC soon 🙂


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