I have to preface this post by saying this mini was heavily inspired by the oh-so-talented Amy Tan! I love the way she whips mini books together and incorporates all the little details that normally get overlooked. So thanks, Amy! (:

There are so many things I love about this mini book style:

1. It gives me a place to put all of the “stuff” I collect when I go places (receipts, business cards, napkins, maps, tickets, etc). It’s so much easier to just glue it down in a mini book than try to figure out how to incorporate it into a layout.

2. This book was made entirely from the contents of my recycling box at work! I am on a  “Leave No Paper Behind” mission, so you will often find me raiding recycling bins like my livelihood depends upon it.

3. It’s so freeing to just glue things down without worrying about chronology or whether it matches or any of that nonsense. Just glue/tape/staple it down and go!

4. It’s SO easy to complete a book like this! Best part of all!

7 Responses to “Work and Play Mini”

  1. AJRey

    Hey, do you have any DIY or tutorials for making these books? Would love a bit more instruction, what a great birthday, every day adventure idea!!!

    • annmarielovespaper

      Not a dumb question! I open each photo in Photoshop and then copy / paste it onto a new canvas. That’s where I do all my resizing. I always try to fit as many photos as possible onto each sheet of paper! Hope this helps! xo


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