Never did I think that 50 degrees would feel “warm” to me, but compared to the past few months, this weekend’s weather has been positively balmy! It feels so amazing to wake up to beautiful blue skies and temperatures that don’t require a Costco-freezer jacket (P.S. is anyone else slightly terrified to go into the open freezer section at Costco for fear of being locked in? Just me? Okay.). So I have taken full advantage of this sneak peek of spring and gone out to explore our neighborhood with my camera in tow.

Much to my relief, winter here in Utah has been much milder than I ever imagined. I was convinced that I would be digging my car out every morning (like much of the country has been!) and trudging through waist-deep snow just to get the mail. Not so much. And I have to say that I am quite grateful for this! Snow is beautiful and magical and wonderful and all those things, but a spring-like weekend every now and then sure boosts morale!