This past Saturday, John and I went to Hogle Zoo in SLC and had a blast! It’s a small zoo (well, compared to the massive San Diego Zoo), but they have a lot of great exhibits. I think I loved the baby elephant and the foxes the most. From there, we walked across the street to Heritage Park (or is it called This Is the Place? Either way, it’s a Mormon place), and then we headed to Sugar House for some Chipotle! Such a good day. Every weekend should be so good.

More with the iPhone-in-the-mirror-self-portraits! Lord help me.

John loves eagles. And America. And wearing his Lakers hat in Jazz country.

Zac Efron was here! Found the high school where “High School Musical” was shot, on accident. We have now seen where “The Office” and “High School Musical” are filmed. What more could you want?

I’m fairly certain that my dog is a distant cousin to this cute little fox (look at those ears!).

And for good measure (and because it’s becoming my new favorite hobby), here’s another little video showing our weekend adventures here in good ol’ Utah.

P.S. Stay tuned ’til the end to see my magical ribbon dancing skills. You won’t want to miss it.

Song: Running on Empty by Jackson Browne

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