of the past 5 million years in which I haven’t blogged (courtesy of my beloved iPhone):

Enjoying the frequent sunny days (Spring is here!) on my beach cruiser.

Fine literature on a Friday night.

Lots of bright, happy color palettes on rainy days.

Taking advantage of Daylight’s Savings and walking everywhere. I would take walking any day over driving.

Laughing at the fact that the year we move to Utah is the year BYU and SDSU (our alma mater) become serious rivals. I love a good case of irony. P.S. Go Aztecs!

Found the drugstore where they filmed a scene from the Sandlot (one of my all time faves). I would have happily acted out the scene (“The Colossus of Clout!”) had the area not been so sketch! But way cool, nonetheless. Who would have thought it was filmed in Utah? Not I, my friends. Not I.

Coffee and mini cupcakes at Mini’s in Sugar House. We ate our cupcakes and I drank my coffee as we walked about town. Perfect Saturday.

Scoped out the ridiculously charming neighborhoods in Sugar House. Ridiculously. Coming here makes us want to move here STAT.

More feet photos. For old time’s sake.

It’s been a great weekend. The perfect combination of exploring + vegging.

And I love having my best friend here to share it with.