Last week, Andy, Ashley, and Billy made the looooong, painful trek to Utah from California (seriously you guys, fly next time!) to come see me! And to snowboard. Mainly to snowboard.

Third-wheeling it.

We had SO MUCH FUN. Especially this guy.

Highlights included: A late dinner at Chili’s followed by shakes at In’N’Out and convincing them that John and I didn’t know how to get back to our apartment from where we were. One-arm push-up contest. Watching The Office together. Playing Scattergories and Andy calling petunias “petOnias.” Billy asking John and me if we miss having In’N’Out now that we live in Utah (mind you, we ALL went there the night before). Taking hilarious photos. Staying up way past my bedtime to chat. Having people to drink beer with. Making fun of each other (it’s what we do best). Having a full house.

You guys should come visit every weekend! It’s such a quick trip!