Why yes, I did skip making public goals for the months of February and March, but April is just as good as any to start back up!

This month we have a few fun adventures lined up. I can’t remember the last time I had two weekends in a row booked solid with nonstop F-U-N! So, in honor of our trips to California and Vegas, I resolve to:

SAVE MONEY. For real this time, Ann-Marie! Disneyland does not come cheap. Neither does gas to get to Vegas. Nor does food (have I ever told you how much I despise spending money on food? I have such a complex over it). And honestly, how many more dresses do I need to own? Well, maybe just a few more…

START A NEW ETSY. Two years ago, I had a little Etsy biz, but somewhere along the line, I lost interest in it. However, I now have a new perspective on it and I want to start a brand new shop, with brand new items, with a brand new name! NEW! NEW! NEW! I am quite excited about it. I just need to start.

BE MORE SOCIAL. I realize that the frequency of my blog posts can be rather…infrequent. I want to change this! I love blogging, but sometimes I feel as though I have nothing exciting to share. So get ready, everyone! Here come the mundane details of my everyday life. [And occasional John cameos, for those of you checking to see if he’s still alive 😉 ]

One Response to “April Goals”

  1. Starlie E

    Thank you for John’s cameos. Or is it a big cut out poster, I’ll call it FLAT JOHN, you are using and the real John is living with the ELK in Wyoming?


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