Last Friday, the Design and Marketing departments at work took a little field trip to BYU’s Museum of Art to check out a couple cool exhibitions. It was such a fun workday and here’s why (aside from not actually having to work on a workday):

1. We got to walk around BYU’s campus and get insight from BYU insiders (i.e. Sarah + Richard). I always love seeing different college campuses and imagining what life would have been like if I attended that school. Obvs there was no way that BYU would want me and my liberal values at their fine learning establishment, but alas, I am okay with this. Anyways, the campus is beautiful and charming and full of pride for their beloved Jimmer.

2. The exhibitions were awesome, including this GIANT installation made entirely of books. I was tempted to pull one out and start a guerrilla round of Jenga, but I doubt the Mormons would have approved.

3. LOOK AT THIS SUNDAE! Need I say more? Somehow we convinced our boss to buy us all ice cream at the on-campus creamery and, oh mama, was it well worth the 2.36 price tag. You done good, BYU.

4. I got to hang out with these fun people all day. Sadly it was Courtney’s last day at AC, but luckily, we will always have yearbook photos to remember all the good old days…

Richard had the brilliant idea to make a little “yearbook” for Courtney so she can always remember what we looked like 30+ years ago. The book was a total hit and beyond hilarious! If you’re looking for a great way to kill time and laugh your face off, go to Yearbook Yourself and upload a photo. I dare you not to die laughing.

In summary: I love my job, I love my fun Utah adventures, I miss Courtney but I wish her the very best!

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