I am having a great Memorial Day weekend, how about yourself? What is it about having an extra day that makes the whole entire weekend THAT much better?

I’ve been on a major scrapbooking binge, using up as much of my overflowing stash as possible (and adding a little more to it, thanks to a quick trip to Pebbs!). I attribute this sudden need to scrap everything in sight to my recent spare room rearranging/organizing/making things more aesthetically pleasing and inspiring!

For the past however many months we’ve lived here, I had my desk pushed up against the wall and it was just not working for me. Of course, it made for lots of floor space + room for guests, but guests are infrequent and I’m here everyday. Finally, I decided to move the desk to the center of the room and raise it as high as it would go (about waist high) so I can stand up and work. I also moved the shelving unit to the other wall and it feels so good to have a change of scenery! While I was on a roll, I started organizing and getting rid of things that I know I will never use. It’s amazing how little changes can have such a big impact! Now I want to spend all my time in this room, creating, reading blogs, eating breakfast, drinking coffee, listening to music, staring out the window, anything + everything.

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