And thrifting. LOTS of it.

I don’t know if it was all the trips I made to the DI and Star Mill last week for work or if I finally have a clear sense of how I want my apartment to look, but all I could think about last weekend was thrifting + decorating. Here are some of my latest and greatest finds:

Tumblers. Totally reminded me of these glasses from Anthro. 75 cents a pop.

Trimmer. A little squeaky, but cuts great! $3.

Wire basket. Never has the look of toilet paper been so aesthetically pleasing to me! ha! 75 cents.

Lamp. My most favorite find of all! $6 for the lamp AND the shade.

Basket. While not exactly a thrifted find, I got it from WalMart (kill me, I know) and it keeps my overflowing collection of scarves all nice and neat. $5.

The only way I can really get things done is if I’m inspired to do it (other creatives, do you find this to be true for you as well?) and Pinterest keeps the fire burning! Seriously, I’ve talked about it before, but if you spend 2/3 of your life scouring the internet for visual inspiration like I do, you NEED a Pinterest.

And a great thrift store.

6 Responses to “weekends were made for sunshine.”

  1. Janelle

    Your thrift finds are AMAZING!!!! Obsessed with those tumblers!!!! That’s it, I’m coming to Utah to thrift with you.

  2. jaymee

    annie goggs!! i love this post! im flying to LA and joining her en route to utah to see you and your gorg apartment and to thrift!! and i could not agree more with you about being inspired to do stuff. i have been perusing blogland all day and now i feel ultrainspired to DESIGN and take photos!

  3. Briana Johnson

    no way! 6 bucks! great finds! I have a really cool mustard colored, ceramic, wavy lamp but I think I gave 30.00 for it. What a bargain!


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