So my little Bits + Pieces book has nearly doubled in size! I’m loving just throwing stuff in there and not worrying whether it is a masterpiece or not (it’s not). I’ve also had some fun coming up with new ways to create inserts for the book. Here are two that I recently did:

Transparent Envelope

So the other day John found some GIANT paper rolls for me (boyfriend of the YEAR, right?). Carrying these heavy suckers up three flights of stairs was no easy feat, but well worth it! Here’s how I turned the transparent paper into an envelope:

1. Scissors, double-sided tape, envelope, and material of your choice (mine’s a little thicker and more opaque than a transparency).

2. Open up your existing envelope so you can use it as a template for your new envelope. (Or if you’re of the fanciful variety, you can use real envelope templates.)

3. Trace around your envelope.

4. Fold your new envelope where it should be folded.

5. Glue down to the two big flaps with two strips of double-sided tape. One strip on each side.

6. Embellish and fill with tickets, receipts and other memorabilia! Yay!

Plastic Packaging Page


Another great resource for fun pages is packaging! My favorite AC This to That adhesive is the Double Sided Tape – it sticks like you wouldn’t believe! (Or maybe you would?) It comes packaged in a heavy plastic covering, which is PERFECT for clear pages for my little book! Here’s how I did it:

1. Start with double-sided tape packaging (or any other decent-size plastic packaging) and sharp scissors.

2. Carefully open the package (try not to let it bend too much or else you will get creases). Cut the two pieces in half.

3. Using a paper trimmer, even out the edges of your plastic piece.

4. I stapled a fun card from Studio Calico onto mine. Clear sheets are perfect for double-sided memorabilia because you can see both sides! Done and done!


One Response to “bits + pieces tutorials.”

  1. Clara Palacios

    Love your bits +pieces book. You have inspired me to make one for an upcoming trip to Madrid. I was wondering about your turquoise envelopes. I will definitely be making some from vellum and other paper. Seeing you recent purchases at DI make me want to move to Utah ( only for a moment!).


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