I woke up this morning in need of new reading material + a little visual inspiration, so to Provo I went. And let me just say: I love Provo. It may be conservative to the max, but it is BEAUTIFUL. Old buildings with new establishments, picturesque mountain views, lots of people riding bikes + jogging, it’s literally bursting at the seams with charm. I always enjoy my time spent there.

Made it to the library and beelined straight for for the crafts/home decor section. Stocked up on some super-inspiring reads.

Realized that I am currently the owner of four different library cards. Rest assured guys, I’ve got Southern California + Utah County covered should any book emergencies arise.

After the library, I walked down the street a bit to Flower Basket Boutique. I’ve come to realize that this amazing little shop provides me with instant inspiration. I want to model my home after the way they merchandise that presh store – everything is so aesthetically pleasing! Today I picked up the cutest leather keychain (photos to come) for only $8 and already it is putting a skip in my step. Now I want to find some small plants to sprinkle throughout my apartment. My dad has the greenest thumb on Earth, so here’s hoping I inherited that gene! Ha!

5 Responses to “books + boutique.”

  1. Janelle

    a couple things:
    1. i’m really diggin your new blog layout.
    2. i’m really diggin your library card collection.
    3. i’m really (and i mean really) diggin your new craftin’ books.
    4. i want to go to that store! i spy a capri blue candle! those candles are magical! i have one in my apt and it makes all my dreams come true.
    5. i think i want to go to utah…

    • annmarielovespaper

      1. I definitely think you should come to Utah. Maybe to live forever?
      2. I appreciate you digging all my things.
      3. You would definitely love that store. It’s heaven.
      4. I miss you! 🙂


    hahah, Ann! I love that you still go to the library! I feel like that is so antiquated sp?


    also, I would like to say that I like this format better. Before with the cuadros I was just squinting and confused. No matter how artsy that may have been it was muy dificil para mi.


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