We’ve been in Utah almost one whole year (!) this week + I’m feeling like it’s about time to tie up loose ends in the decorating department. Here’s how things are looking, via Instagram photos:

Refrigerator door. Includes: a typewritten list of bills to pay each month; You + Me print that I whipped together last night; silhouette of California; a handwritten to-do list; a printable from Eat, Drink, Chic; and my favorite of all, a hall pass that I wrote for John when we were seniors in high school (I worked the switchboard and had access to all the passes, so I would send for John, who was a TA that period, to come up to the office. And of course I would write embarrassing things on all his passes, like “need to get your medication.” Oh we were such bad kids! ha!).

Living Room Wall. I originally painted these three canvases all the same teal color + then started to draw flowers atop them with a gold paint pen. Turns out, I kind of hated it. So I decided to repaint them all, in a different color, but then I ran out of paint so I added a bunch of different colors. Long story short: I thought they were hideous until I got them on the wall and now I love them! Happy accident!

Mantle. I love that decorating my mantle is so non-committal, unlike putting holes in the wall and then changing my mind about the placement of said holes (which I am excellent at!). Includes: “Sunshine” print that I made last night; mercury glass candle holders from Target; mirrors from Target; plant from Lowes. Sidenote: I’m 24 years old and I’ve never been the sole caretaker of a plant before! I’m a little worried about it, but when I was shopping the plant aisles yesterday, I thought to myself, I could really get into this! Plants are fun! We’ll see how it goes…

Guest Bathroom. Includes: Another plant! Yay!; mercury glass candle holder from Target; mini vase from Target; glass plate from DI.

Dresser. Includes: Frames from DI; mirror from the Goodwill; blue bowl from Anthro; silver tray from the Goodwill; white cake stand from Target; blue vase from DI; dresser made by my grandpa.

My mom is coming to visit in two weeks and I can’t wait to show her everything. It’s going to look A LOT different than when she and the rest of my family helped move us in last summer. Can’t wait!

5 Responses to “apartment living.”

  1. Margaret

    I love it! I love how you used the vase and candle holder in your bathroom–I always have fun vintage vases and small (WAY too small to actually use to drink out of) vintage juice glasses that always end up in the bathroom to hold toothbrushes/ cotton balls and other bathroom odds and ends.


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