Living room. This is the room that gives me the most trouble because because it gets the least amount of natural light and often looks dark for most of the day. However, it does feature a fireplace and great architectural detail, so it’s not all for naught! 🙂 Includes: couch from John’s uncle; pillows made by me; coffee table from IKEA; glass window on top of table (that I’ve refashioned as a tray) from the DI; plant from Lowes; candle from Target; hammered metal coasters (which actually are designed to be candle holders, but I thought they would be perfect decorative coasters) from Walmart.

Bedroom. Confession: I’ve got a serious penchant for twinkle lights, as they are in not one, not two, but THREE rooms of my apartment. They’re probably the biggest design no-no on the planet, but alas, I don’t give a you-know-what. I love the warm glow they give off, especially since this apartment came with hideous fluorescent lighting that just depresses the hell out of me. Plus, when Christmas rolls around, we’re all set! Always thinking ahead…

Master Bathroom. This is the first room I actually decorated all the way to my liking when we first moved in. It’s also the room that I’ve taken the least amount of photos of! Go figure. Includes: frames from the DI that I spray painted white; photo of John and me in Park City last fall; a print that I made at 11:30 last night (because who needs sleep when there are prints to be made!); and a sheet of Dorian Gray paper from the Classics line by American Crafts (still one of my all-time favorite papers!).

Dining Room. This room gets the BEST natural lighting in the whole apartment so I automatically love it. Additionally, it also makes a great place to store my bike! Actually, I have nowhere else to put it (and I don’t want to leave it on the balcony only to rust), so the dining room is naturally the most plausible location, right? HA! Maybe one day I will find a more appropriate place for it, but in the meantime, I kinda like the way it looks under the chalkboard! Includes: chalkboard from the DI; banner that I made from old book paper; polaroids that feel summery to me; bike from Walmart; glass cakestand from Target; wine rack and table from John’s gracious sisters (thanks guys!).

Candle. While not exactly a huge component of the apartment, it sure does make things smell great! I have so many candles but I never remember to actually use them, so maybe that should be my new goal? Might as well dream big!

P.S. Aren’t Instagram photos fun? I just found out about Inkstagram, which allows you to view Instagrams from a computer (normally you can only view them from your iPhone). Plus, it allows you to see all the photos from other people that you have “liked.” Yes!!!

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