Since our fireplace is on the same level as the floor (unlike this amazing fireplace), I find it a little tricky to decorate. Can’t do candles because I just know I will kick them over. Can’t do furniture because it will stick out too far in the walkway. Can’t actually light a fire because we’re unable tell when the flue is open (and the one time we attempted it, the fire alarm went off. We. Are. AWESOME). It’s been stumping me all this time, until recently…

First of all, when I came across this image of a stack of magazines, I knew I had to try it! Several feet of paper later…voila! I love that it not only acts as a sculptural element, but it also frees up space in the closet for me to fill with even more stuff! Yeah!

To balance out the tall stack of books, I knew I needed things that would be equally as substantial. I found both the frame and the tall vase at the DI. The flowers are from Target and the print in the frame is actually wrapping paper from the AC Warehouse sale last December. All items were under three bucks each! Yay for being a tightwad!

The “mantle” is actually a fake! It’s nothing more than two IKEA shelves put together. Desperate times call for desperate measures, people! But it makes me so happy to have them and be able to switch up what’s on top of them whenever I feel like it (which is approx thirty times a day). Another secret: the mirror above is actually six individual mirrors. Originally I had each mirror butted up against one another with 3M dimensional tape, but after one too many decided to take their lives, some reinforcement needed to be put in place. And this is where having a gigantic craft supply comes in handy! I spent one Sunday afternoon sitting on the floor with my hot glue gun and big sheets of chipboard and glued those babies together. We are currently 287 days accident free…hahah!

Stay tuned for next week when I revamp things once again! HA!