This past weekend, my mom flew out to see me and it was so nice to have her around. Despite the fact that I’m nearly a quarter century old, I’ve never outgrown the “separation anxiety” phase of life. I still miss my family + friends terribly, but luckily we’re just a short flight apart. So needless to say, having her here made things a million times better!

Chair lift + walking around Sundance.

Cupcakes at The Sweet Tooth Fairy.

Alpine Slide, Alpine Coaster + Zip Line in Park City.

Exploring Main Street in Park City by bus and foot.

Sunday shopping trip at The Gateway in SLC.

Each day was jam-packed with fun activities and let me tell you…I am beat! I think one of the best things about being the tour guide is that it feels like I’m on a vacation, even though I live here. I remember it used to be the same way when we lived in San Diego. I love having out-of-towners come visit!