Long time no blog!

Currently I am laying on my bed in an immobile state, thanks to the Pump class I took last night at the gym…good lord I’m so sore! Luckily, my fingers are feeling well enough to type out a post, so here are more photos from my 30 Day Photo Challenge (which at the rate I’m going, will take about three months to complete):

Day Six | Childhood Memory: Okay, so technically this is a photo from when I was home in May, but it gets the job done, right? Here I am in my childhood bedroom, which currently looks nothing like it did when I was a child. Long gone are the American Girl dolls and the giant drafting table. Now in it’s place are my college diploma and my parents’ old bed. Regardless of the changes, it always feels like home!

Day Seven | Something New: Twinkle lights for the balcony! Lately I’ve been wanting to make the balcony cozier and more inviting, so I’ve added a rug, a vase of wildflowers, another tall vase full of branches, and of course, twinkle lights (will have to do a post on this). It would be perfect if the temperature would drop about 20 degrees and the bees would take a hike. Yet another reason I can’t wait for Fall!

Day Eight | Technology: My new custom stamps from Simon’s Stamps! I designed one with my return address stamp and other with my new company logo. Oh how I love a good stamp!

Day Nine | Faceless Self-Portrait: Taken during our morning commute (as we were running late, as usual).

Day Ten | Something I Made: I think you all have seen this before (; And I must say…that three dollar chalkboard from the DI has been the best photo staging prop ever!

Day Eleven | Something Fun: I whipped up this quick banner for the balcony using papers from American Crafts’ Garden Cafe line. Hung it up on my lunch break. Sometimes decorating in short bursts is the best way to go!

3 Responses to “challenges, part two.”

  1. pegg

    That’s funny you posted about your pump class. I just went this week after taking a long break. I am in pain 3 days later. The other day I couldn’t bend down to pick something off the floor. Maybe I could today 🙂

  2. jaymee

    ha oh annie that room brings back so many memories! my favorite is when liz and i decided to be horrible friends when you bounced off your bed and got slung around your lamp pole in the corner by going to the bathroom and laughing as you proceeded to be in pain.


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