As Fall is approaching, I am getting more and more excited about the cooler weather, the vibrant autumn colors and quite frankly, breaking out the boots + scarves! But I’m also pretty psyched to put together an Autumn 2011 minibook. The last time I made one was two years ago when I was fresh out of college, unemployed, and my endless amounts of free time were filled with daily bike rides with my BFF Liz, job-hunting, and scrapbooking. It’s funny how I look back on those days and wish I had that type of freedom again, but when I was in the thick of it, I felt horrible about myself and my lack of job prospects. Nevertheless, everything worked out (as it always does) and I really did enjoy making that little book and celebrating different Fall events. So here goes Round Two!

I decided that my best shot at actually seeing this book to completion (without losing interest two days in), is to only use Instagram photos sized at 4×4″ (printed via PostalPix). I always have my iPhone on me and I’m constantly Instagramming (new word, yo), so it makes sense to stick to that format. Additionally, I’m using a bunch of “old” (old as in older than last week – this industry moves at a breakneck pace!) papers that I had sitting in my stash. I still totally love each and every one of them, so why not put them to good use (even if they are ancient)?

I just placed an order with PostalPix this morning and I can’t wait to get started!

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