One week later and I’m still interested in this project! I’m taking that as a sign to keep going! Here’s what I’ve got so far:

All of my completed spreads laid out together. Each spread gets a journaling page on patterned paper and a photo mounted on recycled envelopes. I always try to repurpose envelopes in some form, whether it be for grocery lists, to-do lists, or scrapbook related projects. They’re just too cool to put in the recycling bin!

Last weekend I decided I needed one of those Dymo Embossed Label Makers, so I picked one up from Wal Mart for only 10 bucks. I realize it might be a dated trend, but it’s so much fun to use that I don’t even care! I really want to get some white tape, even though I’m not sure such a thing exists. Might need to do some Amazon-ing…

Lately I’ve been trying to get back into incorporating everyday/found materials in my creations, such as envelopes and cardboard. I feel like my personal layouts and projects have gotten to be too mainstream and product-driven (might have something to do with what my job entails), that sometimes it’s fun to take a step back and look at all things as potential art supplies. Right now I’m envisioning turning paper shopping bags (especially those from Starbucks or Trader Joe’s) into a minibook or layout. That’s way more exciting to me than using the same product that everyone else is using (although I’m not about to give up new product!). I love these creative evolutions; it makes life feel fresh and fun!

3 Responses to “autumn eleven minibook /// part one”

  1. Jessica R.

    Love this. I still love my Dymo but I haven’t used it in ages. I still think it adds a nice touch & makes me want to use it. Have you seen the woodgrain tapes? I think they are really old. I’m not even sure you can still buy them. Maybe ebay? I may look for some myself!

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