I’m still working on my Autumn Eleven minibook! And I haven’t lost interest yet! This is epic…

The newest pages all laid out together. Once I decide my book is complete, I will glue the backs of pages together and bind them with a jump ring. Until then, they will sit in a big stack on my desk. (:

I love the size of this book because it’s so easy to tote around the house and get to work on it (usually in front of the TV…when did I become such a TV-watcher? Yeesh!). Usually I’ll just put together a little basket of supplies, including my Dymo Label Maker (obsessed with that thing), adhesive, scraps of paper, a circle punch, teal Washi tape, and scissors. Okay, so that sounds like a lot of stuff for one little book, but compared to what I usually bust out on other projects, it’s positively minimalist! Ha!

I’m so happy that I’m still totally into getting this book together. But now that there’s snow in the mountains and my apartment is freezing cold (what a difference a week makes…last Friday I had the A/C cranking!), I’m starting to get excited about making a December Daily book! And you know what that means…the holidays are coming! Eeeek! I love to jump the gun on these things, in case you haven’t noticed (;