I remember a few years back when I first got into scrapbooking, I came across a post from Maria Grace Abuzman (love her!) about making her own kits and pulling one out randomly whenever she wanted to sit down and create. This idea struck me as total and utter genius, but for some reason, I never really tried it out…until now! Last night, I decided to follow suit and put together some of my own kits. It was so much fun going through my stash (especially now that I know where everything is!) and putting together different papers, journaling spots, Thickers, stamps, etc. The whole concept of using only what’s included in a kit is something I find incredibly inspiring.

And speaking of inspiring, is anyone else as motivated by deadlines as I am? Okay, so this might sound completely ridiculous, but I set a mini-goal for myself use up all of my new SC kit (which I received yesterday) by this Friday. Yep. Five days to use up every last bit of it. Ah, I love a good challenge! I cranked out three layouts last night while watching Kim Kardashian’s wedding special (embarrassing, I know!) and I’m hoping to do the same tonight!

Will keep you posted… (;

3 Responses to “kits + self-imposed deadlines.”

  1. Kari

    This is the only way I scrap now & I love it. I may need to set some deadlines for myself now 😉


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