Photo from the AC Blog.

I promise you, I’ve been diligently working away on my minibook and I would love to show photos, the only problem is, there’s no light! When I leave for work it’s dark and when I come home from work it’s dark. But this weekend, there will be photos! Especially since it’s going to get even darker after Sunday (Daylight Saving! Extra hour of sleep! What up!). But that’s okay with me, because you know what? The red cups are back, I’ve booked my flight home for Thanksgiving, and the holidays are almost here! Happiness.

Speaking of happiness, last week my coworker Lindsey and I got to work on that advent calendar up there. It has been ages (and I mean ages!) since we’ve been able to craft at work and it felt pretty darn good to break out the patterned papers and embellishments. Glory glory hallelujah.

And in other craft-related news, I had an epiphany last night about how I want my holiday packaging to look and now I can’t wait to start shopping and wrapping! Additionally, I am obsessed with masking tape. Yep, good ol’ fashioned masking tape. I think it’s surpassing my love of Washi tape – look out! (;