Last week at work, we moved into a new building and in the process, got to reorganize, rearrange, and refresh our workspace. It was quite a process, but Lindsey and I are totally loving our new space. Well, those happy, inspired feelings carried over into the weekend and all I could think about was changing up my apartment! First up: the spare room/craft room/guest room…whatever purpose it serves on any given day…(:

I decided to tip my IKEA shelving unit on it’s side to allow for more floor space and a new way to decorate. I LOVE the way it looks and can’t believe I hadn’t attempted it earlier!

New desk set-up under the mounted shelves. I took down the gallery wall in the hallway outside of this room, so I had plenty of framed photos and prints to prop against the wall.

I also wanted to make my desk as clutter-free as possible. If things didn’t get put away in the closet, they went into the giveaway pile (which continues to grow on a daily basis!). Less is more these days.

All my rolled papers are now stashed between the desk and the shelving unit. I love the bright pops of pink + orange!

My storage unit that houses all my papers and my printer and a giant stack of layouts (maybe one these days they’ll make it into proper albums…).

And now the part I think I’m most excited about: John’s desk! For the past year, his desk has been shoved in the corner by the window where it didn’t get a lot of use (totally my fault, I admit it). Well, not anymore! I moved his desk to the other side of the room (where my giant desk used to reside), designated the brown shelving unit as his, and put the rest of his things in the suitcase on the left side of the desk, so he could have lots of space to work. Success! Since our tastes in decor are vastly different (to say the least), it has been an exercise in compromise trying to merge the two styles together. Slowly but surely I think we are getting there (:

The view from the doorway.

The view of the hallway from the spare room. Whereas this space used to have lots of framed photos and prints on the walls, it now features a school chair (found in the dumpster of our old apartment complex in San Diego), a basket of my knitting + crocheting materials (happy colors!), and a suitcase full of my Etsy shop supplies. I left the cityscape prints frame (from IKEA a few years ago) on the wall, as well as an orange sheet of paper from Urbanic and a wreath from Michaels. The change is so refreshing!

The view from the dining room.

Something I haven’t shown in awhile: the guest bathroom. The circle painting is actually a tabletop that I got at the DI (and the person who rang it up couldn’t understand why I would want a tabletop with no table legs…duh! It’s for a painting in my bathroom, obviously! ha!). The frames on the wall feature Instagram photos glued atop kraft cardstock with lots of random sewing machine stitches.

Here’s the current fireplace set-up in the living room, although it’s about to change with the holidays upon us!

And here’s one of our end tables in the living room. It’s actually a fold-up table that I got at the DI for three dollars. The wire tray is also from the DI and it’s housing my new favorite book! I can’t wait to meet Grace Bonney tomorrow at her SLC book signing and crafting event!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Marina Garcia

    your home is very welcoming (?) I’m trying to decorate my new and first home and I love seeing the houses of others for inspiration. thanks for sharing. a greeting. Sorry if my English is not quite right : S


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