As promised, I took photos of my minibook this weekend! Here are days four through six:

(Photo credit goes to Jen’s Instagram feed)

I love how fat this book is getting! Fat = Happy in minibook world. Not so much in any other world (;

And in my never-ending quest to get rid of everything I own (or so it seems), I managed to clear out a whole drawer in my paper storage so I can use it to house all the pieces + products I plan on using in my book.

Also, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I love masking tape. Seriously love (as evidenced by pretty much every page in my book – ha!). I’ve also taken a liking to storing all my tapes – Washi, Mixtape, and Masking alike – in a TOMS shoebox. I swear I’ve put that box in the recycling bin several times before and always ended up rescuing it for some reason…finally it has a purpose!

Man, this organization stuff sure does feel good! (;

5 Responses to “twenty to twenty-five: days 4-6.”

  1. Katie

    Haha I laughed at your statement about getting rid of everything you own. Ever since my husband and I moved to Germany (where they do not have built in closets) I have been trying to get rid of things! We have decided to call it Elimination 2011 and I have been blogging the craziness. Glad to see others are going through the same process!


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