And since I STILL haven’t been able to photograph my December Daily book, how about a little Thanksgiving instead? (;

Here are some of my favorite pages. I need to add more journaling and really secure the binding, but other than that, it’s done!

Seriously, Instax photos make mini-booking (new word) SO much better. I held out for a long time because I thought I didn’t need it, but it just makes me so happy to whip that thing out at inappropriate times and snap away! Even when the photos don’t turn out, they’re still usable (see the cover of my book!).

Moral of the story: Add it to your Christmas/Hanukah list. It’s going to change your life.

4 Responses to “thanksgiving book.”

  1. christina rayevich

    thanks for getting back to me annmarie! i was thinking of punching holes in the book spine and putting brads through the metal binder clip thingy (lol) & then that “braded”(ha! so not a word but hope you know what i mean ) to the book spine. maybe that would bind it ???


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