It’s no secret that I miss my home state.

As much as I have come to appreciate (and sometimes love…?!) Utah in all it’s landlocked glory, I sure miss the you-know-what out of the big C-A. Being at home and doing all of my favorite California things with my favorite people makes me all sentimental. Of course, this sappiness might be the negative ions from the ocean air talking. Or maybe that glass of red wine? Whatever it is, I long for this place all the time.

Today was especially spectacular. Maybe you can understand why? (;

3 Responses to “oh, i miss this.”

  1. Star

    I know the feeling. In 1982 I took my first step in California. The ocean, the palm trees, the mountains all meant home to me. Once I moved here, I accumulated the most lovely family I could ever ask for. And you are one of them. xox

  2. photosglitterglue

    I totally understand. I moved from California 5 years ago and I regret it everyday. I miss everything about California. I love the easy going, friendly people, the beauty, the weather….yeah everything.


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