New Years Eve photo courtesy of Sarah Champion.

Another year already. I can’t even believe it.

2011 was a spectacular year full of wonderful memories that I will treasure forever. It marked one year in Utah. Ten trips home. Discovered new places. Seven years with John. Met some fantastic new friends. Went to my first CHA. Started a new Etsy. Got an iPhone. Became obsessed with Instagram. Made a bunch of minibooks. Decorated and redecorated my apartment. Enjoyed lots of fun classes at the gym. Entered a craft fair. Went to beaches, lakes, mountains, and islands. Loved having visitors stay with us. Made many a trip to the thrift store. Saw wildlife. Treasured time with family and friends. Cut my hair short and decided to grow it out. Met the first baby from my group of friends. Six trips to D-Land. Five journals filled. Drove the long road to Vegas. Grew accustomed to snow. One wedding attended. Tried several new restaurants. Found my favorite neighborhood in Utah. A million trips to Target.

And now I am so excited to kick off another year. I love a fresh start and a new opportunity to make things bigger and better than before. I have a feeling this year is going to be the best one yet!

Happy 2012!!!

One Response to “twelve.”

  1. Star

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! May this year be full of adventure, prosperity, health and happiness.
    Love, Star


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