Do you guys ever get the Sunday blues? I feel like this day of the week holds so much weight, given that it’s the last day of the weekend, the last day to get everything done, and the last day to relax before the work week starts. It’s not often that I feel bummed out, but today was one of those days for some reason. Luckily, I did manage to get a few things done and that made me feel much better. The house is clean, I finished week one of my Project Life, and I even snuck a little catnap in there (;

Here’s to a fresh start this week!


4 Responses to “the sunday blues.”

  1. Cherie

    So had the sunday blues today! I’ve been off work the last two weeks so it’s extra hard to think about going back tomorrow 😦

    yay for doing project life! I’m loving so far!

    • annmarielovespaper

      That’s how I felt last Tuesday, Cherie! Getting back to work after a nice long vacation is TOUGH, but before you know it, you’re back in the swing of things (:

      Can’t wait to see your PL!

  2. Cheryl Birkey

    I looooove Sunday. It’s such a relaxing, stay in your PJs kind of day….There’s just a different feeling int he air on this day.

    I also don’t have a M-F job, so maybe that’s the difference.

    I love Sunday!….don’t get me wrong though, I get the blues on other days. 😉


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