Tis the season for CHA! Which means work is pretty much nonstop these days. Quite honestly, I love it. I love when all the new lines and products start to roll in and we get to play play play all day long! It’s even better this go-round now that Crate Paper and Studio Calico have joined the AC family. Today was one of those special days where something I had a hand in designing (quite literally in this case) comes to fruition and I get to see it live in person. Today that special something was my handwriting in sticker form! Holy Moly! Who am I and how is this happening to me?! (okay so that was a little dramatic)

I realize they’re just stickers and you can buy stickers at the freaking gas station if you so desired, but you guys…this made my DAY! Possibly even my week too.

(thank you for indulging me)

6 Responses to “maui wowee.”

  1. Clara Palacios

    congrats!! Queen of the Mini Albums. Also the spotlight via the Calico Sneak. 2012 is looking like a great year for you. ONLY IN UTAH!


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